Saturday, 22 January 2011

VIVID presentation: The Afternoon Of A Faun

Performance at VIVID Gallery, Birmingham

This work was designed to investigate the growing dependancy on electronics/technology in modern live performance. Is content as important as spectacle when presenting a piece of theatre? On the flip side, i wanted to try and engage with some traditional theatre conventions and see how an audience would react to sudden changes in concept (four walled scenario, to immersive), and emphasis (on the performer then on the technology).

Please refer to the Video below for a rehearsal recording with contextual voice-over

The Afternoon Of A Faun: VIVID gallery, rehearsal

Communication between lighting was achieved using Midi between MaxMSP, Logic Pro and some scripting i wrote for the Arduino IDE. The light suits were build using wide angle high output LEDs. The work was fully automated and required only an initial start trigger by a wireless device.

LED lighting suits


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