Friday, 21 January 2011

VRU WaterTower Project

The Watertower: Selly Oak Emergency Entrance.

The following video details the contextualisation behind the VRU Watertower project commissioned by UHB hospitals (Selly Oak and Queen Elizabeth)

The work was part of their 'Take a trip down memory Lane' celebration of Selly Oak Hospital history. The whole experience was designed to help staff, patients, and the public to reflect upon their memories of the hospital, however it was also a chance to look forward to the future, and the benefits that the new Queen Elizabeth hospital would bring.

Myself and Iona Makiola (twitter link) used the UHB histories archive alongside actual aural accounts to produce a narrative rich experience which walks you through over 200 years of Selly Oak history.

The Watertower: UHB presentation video

The work used the Half-Life 2 games engine as a tool to create a virtual environment. 3DStudio Max and bespoke pieces of software were used to compile and texture purpose build 3D models designed to tell stories of the environment they were placed in.
Varies soundscapes and aural history fragments were triggered throughout the experience, however to add value we also used live sound audio components. These were cued and placed in a surround sound situation using Max/MSP. From here it was possible to manipulate their spatial position, playback speed, and add specific effects.

Watertower project: Selly Oak Hospital presentation


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